Friday, 28 October 2011

High heels....get used to it...!!!!

Although I love seeing high heels combined with the "correct" cloths,I find them so difficult to be worn...Unfortunately until now I couldn't stand them at all!!When I was wearing high shoes in general,after almost two hours I had to find a solution in order to get rid of them!!So much pain..I was feeling jealous of the women who could wear these shoes from the morning until night...

And its a pity because I believe there is nothing more "female" than wearing high heels...

......Until now..I realized (as a saleswoman told me) that shoes with double bottom are much easier to be I think that black color is the first one that should exist in our wardrobe..and the second maybe in a nude color..something that can be easily combined..

So now I am making "experiments" and trying also to get used to other shoes,rather than double bottoms or thick heels..Let's see..!!

Read this:

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Like the.."not me" dress

I don't know if I already missed years,but I really like this dress(and the strange thing is that before,something like this was not my cup of tea..Ted Baker's clothes always inspired me for a..change in my style..

I am just a little bit hesitant with the shoes..I don't know what kind of shoes fits better..

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Midnight in....Paris

I just adore this makes me feel like traveling there..

So,yesterday I saw the movie Midnight in Paris..
I always like the movies of Woody Allen, but this one I found it so different from all the previous ones....

The pictures,the music,the directing almost everything made me feel like I was Paris,in another era...
I just want so much....winter..!!

Listen to this song:

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Practical shoes

I think that this year fashion includes this kind of shoes..

Simple,stylish and also practical for the rainy days..!!

Cloisonne bags..why not..????

These little cloisonne bags could be a really interesting choice of sth different..

For example why not combining them with a black dress or even a blue jeans + one color shirt?

Because this bag has already so many colors,it should be something really simple to be combined with.

Another more..."extreme" option is to wear it like a necklace - bag.. why not??!!

Here we are....

Fashion,jewelry,clothing,colors,designs,thoughts etc.

I think that everything has to do with our taste,our choices,ourselves....

So...It's a matter