Sunday, 9 October 2011

Midnight in....Paris

I just adore this makes me feel like traveling there..

So,yesterday I saw the movie Midnight in Paris..
I always like the movies of Woody Allen, but this one I found it so different from all the previous ones....

The pictures,the music,the directing almost everything made me feel like I was Paris,in another era...
I just want so much....winter..!!

Listen to this song:


  1. Hi! I am going to see this movie too this week!!! Thanks for visiting my blog, I am following your baby blog too!!!♥
    You are sweet!

  2. Θέλω πάρα πολύ να την δω! :)

  3. @vanda
    You should see it its really interesting!

    Να τη δείς σίγουρα!!και τώρα που αλλάζει και ο καιρός,αυτή η ταινία είναι οτι πρέπει..!!

  4. Πωωωω τι μου κάνεις τώρα, θέλω τόσο πολύ να δω Παριζιάνικη ταινιούλα!!!!

  5. Να πας,αν σαρέσουν και οι γαλλικές ταινίες θα σ'αρέσει σίγουρα!!!Μόνο οι σκηνές που δείχνει από Παρίσι,αρκούν!!

  6. personally i think that movie was the best movie this year... besides i spent in paris my college years so now living in us brings another sentiment.

  7. It was..and totally different from the others of Woody Allen..
    I have visited Paris when I was younger,and I want to go back for sure!!
    You were so lucky for studying there!!
    Everything there is so..elegant and sentimental!!

  8. I haven't seen it yet...must watch this week! Thank you for sharing! xoxoxoo

  9. i heard midnight in paris was good. i have to see it. :D

    <3, Mimi
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  10. @Fashion Cappuccino
    Go for it and I am sure that you will like it..!!!!

    Yes indeed..Personally I loved it!! :-))

  11. I would love to travel to Paris also - it's such a romantic place.

  12. @ Indy
    Yes you should go..!!!!It's such a romantic place,so picturesque and "city" at the same time..

  13. i totally understand, woody allen movies always make me want to travel and get lost in a city! i always wanted to go to paris. in fact i've saved up a bit and it's one of my "under thought" destinations!

  14. Yes indeed!!You should put it as your first destination!!!!You will love it,I am sure about it!!

  15. I'M in love with paris, too! I really like your blog, so what about following each other? Just let me know if you followed me and I follow you back then! ;) xo Vivi

  16. Paris I think is a big love of almost everyone..!!!!
    I just followed you!!!My blog is new,I just like it as an idea to share our taste and our thoughts!!

  17. I would love to visit Paris too!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  18. First watch this movie and then I am sure that you will book right away your air tickets!!xxx

  19. oh!!:O I've never watched it! I'll do it now !

  20. Oh yes!!Try it and let me know if you liked it!! ;-)